Thursday, April 24, 2014



This is my inspiration right now. I wish I could take this and put it on my inspiration wall.

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If I had to give you one piece of advice it would be this: Don’t be intimidated by other peoples’ opinions. Paulo Coelho
Do you have a few minutes to stay and talk to me? It doesn’t matter what you talk about. I just get lonely siting in this room all day.

Newly diagnosed cancer patient with very poor prognosis in the ICU, to me on my morning rounds

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Medical Children’s Book Idea



I need one of my medical peeps that has artistic skill draw up the cover for my new medical parody, “Llama Llama Trauma Drama.”

While you’re at it you can also write the actual book. I came up with the title. My work here is done.

Llama llama in the street, running for a tasty treat.
Llama llama wasn’t looking, llama llama just goes booking. Mama llama getting scared, screams “oh my” and asks for help from police bear.
Mr. Bear grabs llamas hand, pulls him back to a quick halt stand. Llama llama starts screaming, holding on to elbow and squealing. Now to urgent care they go, due to nursemaid’s elbow. Reduce the radius, give the lollypop, discharge them and hope crying stops.